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About Us

What is a 21 year old Belle to do when faced with a date party partner whose selection of ties is limited? Why buckle down and learn to make them herself of course! This is how the House of Southern Accents began. Still in our infancy, House of Southern Accents is dedicated to providing excellent quality, handmade goods and accessories for the ever well dressed Gents and Belles of the south.

Currently providing adjustable free hand or pre-tied bow ties (which you can order from our selection, or contact us for a custom order) as well as accessories for women (belts, headbands, bows, and clutches).

Coming soon: Croakies, Koozies, Ties, Home Decor

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"Always treat with love and care,
Only wear with southern flair,
If the good Lord's willing
And the creek don't rise,
I'll always wear my S.A. ties"